Let This Be A Lesson!!!

October 8, 2007 / Posted by:
Alan Jenkins spent 20 hours in the tattoo chair and $2000 to get his wife of 15 years and his two daughters tattooed on his back.  Alan should've saved that dough, because he's gonna need it! Quickly after he got the tattoo his wife, Lisa Jenkins, told him she was leaving him for a younger man she met at work! Ain't that a bitch! 
Lisa says that she plans to move her new lover in as soon as Alan moves out.
Alan will not get the fresh tattoo removed. He said, "Lisa may have left me but she'll be on my back forever thanks to the tattoo."
He can always add some devil horns and a little moustache to the tattoo.  
Even if I was married to Lisa for 15 years there's no way I'd get that ugly cow's face inked on my back! Alan should've got her fug mug tattooed on his balls, because that's where she's got him! 
Source: Daily Mail


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