Barbara Uses Astroglide?!

October 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Wednesday night Rosie O'Donnell was invited up to the stage by Roseanne Barr who was performing at Comix in NYC. Rosie told the audience that she was "fired by Barbara Walters."
She went on to say she used to be so close to Barbara early on that Barbara recommended Astroglide to Rosie.
Rosie also revealed that all the co-hosts have earpieces, so that the producers can tell them what to say. Rosie refused to do this.
We all knew about the earpiece thing, but ASTROGLIDE?! I totally figured Barbara for an old fashioned Vaseline kind of gal. Actually, not even Vaseline. I pictured her for a spit and shine type. I mean that's how they did it in the prairie times, right? Wait or did they use cow lard? 
Source: Rush & Molloy


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