It Wasn’t Me

September 25, 2007 / Posted by:
Sharon Osbourne recently said that she would never ever forgive Courtney Love for introducing OxyContin to her son, Jack. Jack had to check himself into rehab in 2003 due to his addiction to OxyContin.
Courtney is firing back at Sharon. She claims "it wasn't me!"
Court said, "I never did that. I would never give drugs to a teenager. Fuck you Sharon – as if I would ever give drugs to a teenager."
She also insists she never even heard of OxyContin before she met Jack. So basically Court is saying Jack introduced that shit to her!
How would Courtney even remember? Wasn't she basically in a walking blackout from like 1995 to 2006?
Fuck you Sharon! If it wasn't for Jack, Court would never be the crackhead she is today! Because Courtney was such an innocent before him. Thanks a lot Jack.  


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