Somebody Shut This Witch Up!

September 19, 2007 / Posted by:
During Sally Field's Emmy speech she said something about how if the mothers ruled the world there would be no war or something like that. FOX bleeped her ass and it created controversy. For what reason I'm not sure. 
Patricia Heaton's stupid face was asked about it and I don't know why. Who cares what this wicked witch has to say.
Her response was, "I've actually become a more violent person since I became a mother. If someone came between me and my kids, they'd be dead meat. So I didn't agree with that particular statement."
This is not surprising since Patty takes Republican bukkake every night. Since Patty is such a damn warrior we should send her ass to war. I mean she's not going to have anything to do in a few weeks when her shitty shitty TV show gets cancelled. 


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