Bored? Have A Baby!

August 16, 2007 / Posted by:

Beth Ditto said she was so bored in her small Arkansas town that she wanted to get pregnant and have a baby, so she could have something to do. She said the only things to get caught up in were Christianity and drugs.

“In high school I had a boyfriend. I remember thinking that I just wanted to get pregnant, so I wouldn’t have to make a decision about my life.”

Aren’t you pregnant now, Beth? Triplets, isn’t it? Instead, Beth moved to NYC, pooped herself into a band and showed off her rolls to everyone and everybody. Aren’t we lucky!

This reminds me of that hot ass bitch Victoria from the Maury Povich show a while ago. 15-year-old Victoria claimed to have had unprotected sex 300 times so she could get knocked up. How she didn’t gotten knocked up after having sex 300 times is beyond me. Victoria was even caught 3 times having sex by her mother and the woman didn’t do anything! I wonder if Victoria ever had that baby? Maury needs to follow that up. I’m sure she has 3 kids, lives in a trailer and strips for the lunch crowd at her local beaver bar.

Source: Holy Moly!


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