Los Angeles: Land Of The Skinny Twits

August 14, 2007 / Posted by:
Naomie Harris is a British born actress of such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Miami Vice and 28 Days Later.  She is sick of people calling her out for being skinny. Yeah, it's sooooo hard. She said that when she moved to Los Angeles it all changed.
“Thin women also have an awful time of it. I often have women coming up to me and saying, ‘You really should put on weight. Are you OK?’ It’s rude. You feel ostracised. You wouldn’t say that to a fat person but somehow if you’re thin, people feel like it’s OK to speak that way. In LA that doesn’t happen.”
It happens everywhere! When I lived in L.A. people would call me a "dumb skinny skank" all the time. It doesn't bother me, but I'm the wrong person to ask. I think it's ok to tell your friends and family they look like hell and I think it's ok for them to tell me that. Not everyone feels that way.
And people in L.A. are too busy caring about themselves. DUH! Inside they probably think she's a skinny skank, but are too fake to tell her the truth! I still love that wasteland, though.
Source VIA Jezebel


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