When Stupid People Say Stupid Things

August 6, 2007 / Posted by:
Somebody hold my jewelry, Kathy Hilton needs a major beating. She told People Magazine that it was so tough for Paris in jail. Why?! Becaus the sheets were scratchy! NO JOKE!
She said it was so hard visiting Paris because she hated "seeing the rashes on her arms and face from the thin sheets." Kathy also said it was hard seeing the guards pull her daughter away from her. Oh please….is that violins I hear?!
Kathy's stupid ass goes on to say that she prepared Paris' bedroom with super soft-sheets for her homecoming and Evian water.
Thin sheets?! Give me a damn break! I hate to break it to Kathy, but I doubt these "rashes" were from thin sheets! You know what they were from!


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