Just Get It Over With!

July 10, 2007 / Posted by:
Nicole Richie's DUI trial begins tomorrow after being pushed back twice. TMZ reports that Nicole's attorney was in court again today to try and get a new date. Nico's lawyer wants an early August start date, because her expert witness can't testify until then. This "expert witness" is Dr. McGee, a recognized expert drug tester.
If convicted of her second DUI, Nicole could face a minimum of 5-days in the slammer.
Why would this ho need an expert drug tester? Didn't she admit to taking Vicodin and smoking a little weed. Just get it over with Nicole!
And how many times is she allowed to postpone. I can't postpone my effin jury dury without getting lip from some bitch ass court clerk!
UPDATE – TMZ reports that a judge denied her ass and she's due in L.A. court at 8:30am tomorrow. TMZ reports that Nicol is currently in Calgary with DoucheDouche Madden. Bitch better ring up JetBlue for the Red Eye STAT!


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