NOOO! It Can’t Be Over!

July 4, 2007 / Posted by:
Kate Moss has reportedly thrown all of Pete Doherty's things out of her home after he cheated on her ass. Kate fled to Paris upon hearing the news and she's apparently had all the locks changed on her crib and called in the movers to take his things away.
Sources say that Pete is the one that called it off, because he needs his space and thinks Kate is a "stalker."
A source said. "Kate's now back in London and has been calling Pete constantly, screaming and crying down the phone.

"She's angry and upset but completely obsessed and wants him back. He can't handle her and feels suffocated, so has suggested they take a break."

This is truly heartbreaking. The end of the era. They'll be back together by morning. Trust. 

Source: Daily Mail


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