The Gays Are Asking You To Not See Hairspray

June 12, 2007 / Posted by:
Some Gay rights leaders are asking for a boycott of the upcoming remake of "Hairspray" starring John Travolta. The film is a musical update of the classic cult film by openly gay director, John Waters. Leaders are asking for a boycott, because of Scientology's stand on being a homo.
The managing editor of the Washington Blade said, “Travolta, a prominent Scientologist, has no business reprising an iconic gay role, given his [religion’s] stance on gay issues. It’s well known that Scientology rejects gays and lesbians as members and even operates reparative therapy clinics to ‘cure’ homosexuality.”
The role Travolta plays was originally played by Divine in the original.  
I say boycott it, because it's going to reek! Don't waste your dough on this piece of trash! They have taken a beautiful black rose and poured glitter, cheap rhinestones and Travolta on it. Barf!  


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