Trouble In Crackadise?

June 5, 2007 / Posted by:
Just hours after performing at the MTV Movie Awards, Amy Winehouse and her new hubby Blake had a huge fight in front of everyone. The newlyweds got into it in the lobby of their hotel.
A witness said, 'As soon as they walked into the lobby they started screaming at each other. Amy was shouting, 'You always fucking do this! Don't fucking touch me! Fuck you!'

'She was in tears but Blake tried to walk away. It wound her up so much she pushed him into a hedge.' 
Don't you love crack fights?! Sounds like something that belongs on my favorite TV show of all time, COPS.
I called it! I knew these two crackbirds wouldn't last. I give them another month! Looks like they've patched things up for now, because the two were all lovey-dovey at LAX yesterday afternoon.


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