HoHan Takes It Off, Gives Sisterly Advice

May 25, 2007 / Posted by:
The official website for Lindsay Lohan's next bomb of a movie "I Know Who Killed Me" now has clips of her stripping. They probably saved money on shooting and just asked HoHan for clips from her personal stash. You can head on over to the site to see it. It's not surprising.
Lindsay also recently said that her stint in rehab was a waste of time. Ok, she didn't say that. She said that she used that time to teach her sister a lesson. Yeah, how to not get caught.
She said, "There are certain things I don't cross the line talking to her about, but she's pretty observant and she's witnessed a lot, especially between my parents… She came to see me in rehab – I wanted her to see what it was like, so she'd never want to be in a place like that."
Heh? Lindsay you gave her a preview of the future! Her sister is a drunk, Her mommy's probably a drunk, her daddy's a drunk….if history repeats itself homegirl will be in there in 2 years.
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