Big-Tittied Chipmunk Lightens Up, Might Be Pregnant

May 24, 2007 / Posted by:
Hahahah…Chestica Simpson's friends think she might be pregnant, because her titties have gotten so big. It's called surgery dumbasses! One of her friends said, "Her breasts are positively huge, and she really seems to be taking care of herself."

“She’s not saying anything one way or the other when the subject comes up, but women who put on weight don’t smile when someone suggests they might be pregnant.”

Ches' rep denies the claims. Chestica and her big tatas came out in NYC yesterday. Ches also lightened up that nasty-ass hair again. How has it not fallen out completely yet? 

A Ches/Mayer chipmunk baby would not be a positive thing for this world. 



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