Waste of Dough and Time

May 2, 2007 / Posted by:
Barbra Streisand will play her first UK concert in 13 years on July 18th in London. She already played a second farewell tour in the US which broke box office records. She has no problem with charging upwards of $1,000 per ticket for her UK show. When Madonna played London her top ticket price was $300.
A rep for Babs doesn't see a problem with this price, “Seeing Barbra Streisand in concert is a momentous occasion that ranks with seeing Sinatra or Elvis.” 
I'd pay more to see Elvis perform today and he's dead! Didn't Babs already bid farewell to the concert circuit?! She doesn't need all that money. At least with Madonna you're getting sets, costumes, razzle dazzle or whatever. With Babs you're getting some hag in a tired velvet dress singing songs that you only listen to in elevators!
Source: The Sun
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