Brangelina Want to “Balance the Faces” of Their Family

April 2, 2007 / Posted by:
Pax Thien is barely out of his box and Angelina Jolie is already looking to adopt a 4th kid. Reportedly, Angie and Brad Pitt want to balance the faces of their family.
A source said, "Angelina and Brad want to make sure Zahara doesn't feel alienated as the only black face in their family. She feels the children need a balance of faces in their life."
Black face? Who the hell close to Angelina talks like that?
Anyway, Angie has already settled on a girl from Oure Cassoni in Chad. Her lawyers are already at work. Angie is hoping to have her new girl by Summer.
They just need to add cheap boats to their house and an annoying theme song and they will have their own "Small World" ride. 
I always call these stories bullshit, but then it proves to be true. This ho needs to slow down and spend time with the kids she has right now.  




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