Mel Gibson is NUTS

March 23, 2007 / Posted by:
Last night at Cal State Northridge in California, Mel Gibson brought out the crazy again. It all started when an expert on Mayan culture accused Mel of racially stereotyping the Mayans in his movie "Apocalypto." During a Q&A, Professor Alicia Estrada asked Mel if he did any research about the culture before shooting and he of course said he had. 
Alicia then brought out the big guns and said that Mel's depiction of the Mayan sacrificial ceremonies was wrong and racist. Mel had an intelligent respone for her "LADY, FUCK OFF!"
Mel also started shouting at Mayan activists to "make their own movie" when they started to protest about how they were portrayed in his movie.
Mel's rep said, "He needs more anger management training. It's time to be cool."
REHAB! I wouldn't be surprised if he checks himself into Promises this weekend. What a loser. Mel should've just said "It's just a damn movie and not supposed to be historically accurate." 


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