Father of the Year

March 5, 2007 / Posted by:

kevin_federline.jpg While Britney Spears apparently tried to hang herself in rehab after she scribbled “666″ on herself, KFed was partying in Las Vegas. He had already scheduled an appearance at Revolution at The Mirage and showed up to fulfill his obligations while Britney’s mom cared for SPF and JJ. He showed up shortly after midnight, drank, played a few of his song and left before 4am. Witnesses say he was on his best behavior. He also got the “Britney” do. It’s pretty messed up that he’s seriously looking like father of the year in all of this. Maybe this is all some decadent plan! You know Britney was sick of us thinking KFed was trash…so she decided to become the trashy one to make him look better. That way when they get back together, we’ll think he’s Prince Charming. Yeah, far fetched. Source



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