Radio Station Bails Bobby Brown Out

March 1, 2007 / Posted by:

bbrownmug1.jpg Bobby Brown was arrested for not paying child support to his first baby mama. He was ordered to stay in the clink until he pays $19,150 in fees. I guess he couldn’t come up with the dough, because he was in there for 3 days. Whitney didn’t bail his shit out. He was released last night after his brother Tommy, paid up. However, it was a DC radio station that really put up the money. Hot 99.5′s Kane offered to pay the 19 grand if Bobby appeared on the show for one-full week. Bobby agreed. He is that broke?! Doesn’t his ass have a car to sell? An 8-ball to trade? A ho to peddle? It’s unclear as to what he will do for the radio station, but I hear they need a janitor. Thanks Courtney



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