Anna Nicole Basically Owned Howard’s Ass

February 21, 2007 / Posted by:

2007_02_20t194317_450×358_u.jpg Howard K. Stern told the court today that Anna Nicole Smith paid his way. She paid for travel expenses, rent, meals, you name it. He says he made “$60,000 – $70,000″ in 2002 and had to borrow money from his parents to pay his way currently. He also confessed that he stands to make 6% of Anna’s share of J. Howard Marshall’s estate. He also spoke about Anna’s drug use. He said that she took medication for depression and said, “It’s not like Anna was medicated all the time. It’s not like she couldn’t talk.” Um…she couldn’t! Have you seen the videos? She needs a damn translator! Basically, he talks about forgery and other boring stuff. Seriously, The CW needs to just buy this whole court thing and air it. My head spins just watching clips of it. Basically we know Howard is a liar, he’s crazy and he’s pretty pathetic. I sort of feel sorry for him. Sort of. Source



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