Howard Jets Back to the Bahamas for the Night

February 20, 2007 / Posted by:

Judge Larry Seidlin offered Howard K. Stern two private jets to take him back to the Bahamas to be with Dannielynn Hope. Court has ended for the day, but Howard must be back for a full day tomorrow. Howard was on the stand all day to determine who will get Anna Nicole Smith’s body. Howard told the court that he didn’t think Anna was going to die and he didn’t think she thought so either. He also said that Anna’s mother, Vergie Arthur, thought Anna and him purposely offed Daniel. He also said that she wanted to be buried next to Marilyn Monroe, but it was too expensive. She instead has a plot next to her son, Daniel, in the Bahamas. During recess, Larry Birkhead’s lawyer gave Howard a subponea for his DNA in another case to figure out who Danni’s father is. Howard will be back to test his acting muscles yet again. They better hurry fast, because apparently Anna’s body is deteorating quicker than normal. Source



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