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February 9, 2007 / Posted by:

My comments couldn’t have gone down at a worst time, I know. Thanks to all who sent me e-mails about your thoughts on the ANS Scandal and her death. Unfortunately, I can’t answer or post all of you. My assistant, Jose Cuervo, quit this morning due to sexual harassment claims. I have compiled some of your comments after the jump for you to read.

My mother called me yesterday to tell me about Anna’s death and I was truly heartbroken. I always loved Anna Nicole and thought she was so beautiful. I thought the same thing you did yesterday though, that this was the way she would have gone. I tried to imagine her old and it was just not possible. I’m glad that you’ve kept us posted on her death with as much dignity and pity as possible, as most of the other websites I read have been nothing but cruel to a woman who really didn’t have the dream life we all imagined her to possess. Thank you for that. – Harmony

How can you not feel sadness for this woman? I mean seriously. Here is someone who so desperately wants to be famous, ostensibly in order to feel loved. She becomes famous, but still isn’t loved. So she tries to increase her fame and numb her pain and ends up becoming a punchline instead and there’s still no love, only leeches like Howard K. and Larry B. circling around her, fucking her figuratively and literally while pretty much not giving a shit about anything other than themselves. That’s a pretty shitty life, no matter how much money you have. – Sharon

I feel as bad as you do. But really, there should be no mystery as to why we do….After all, she was young and a mother to an infant baby girl, who will never have the chance to know her. And I think it’s safe to say that she died of a broken heart. I don’t have children, but know friends and family who have lost a child and they can never describe the pain that comes with that kind of loss. Each of them wish it was their lives that should have been taken, instead. And no matter how many years pass, they never seem to fully heal. – Toni

Don’t feel guilty – we all trashed Anna Nicole – but now all feel kind of bad for it… She was such a mess – but you had to feel bad for her, too.. I think Howard needs to be in jail – he gave Daniel too many drugs & now Anna – he knew it was only a matter of time & waited – it’s not an OJ type of murder, but it is a preplanned, well thought out, premeditated murder, just the same…. All for money… – MirirrorMirrorontheWall

I am seriously like, in mourning of Anna Nicole..she is my Princess Di, since I am a trashy tranny wannabe hooker (mind you I am 100% female, besides the silicone, but my dream of dressing up as a tranny will come true!) I wore my black furry tranny boots in memorial of her, and the irony is that i tried out at a strip club on Saturday (the reason? i was in a drunken pill popping mess semi coma) and i was thinking, well this is how Anna Nicole got her start! I digress, I named my nameless cat Sugarpie, as well as popped a Kolodopin and poured some champagne (Andre’ of course) for my homegirl. I am so beyond twisted. – Anonymous

I’m going to write something on this for my site,, but the theory I have is that she was one of the first real casualties of the Information Age. She was completely consumed by the scandal-hungry public, and media. That consumption killed her. She’s always been a mythic, if not iconic, figure; that’s how she captured and kept our attention. Her first phase, back when she was a Guess model and sometime actress, was the “poor pretty girl makes good” myth. That myth really resonates, in many (if not all) cultures but especially here. Her life was about rises and falls. Highs and lows. I think we all “loved” her like we love our f’cked up friend: they’re SUCH a mess that it’s entertaining to watch, but only because we’re sure that in the end that they’ll make it through and clean up their act and will laugh along with us at how crazy they once were. That “certainty” – we’re reminded now – is foolish. There are some storms we cannot weather. The certainty that “good” will prevail is mythic, again as her life (and death) proves. I think how people die is a representation of how they live: Anna likely died all alone. With everyone interested, but nobody in her life really CARING. Just remember that people in her life could’ve intervened and saved her. We ALL knew she had a problem; it couldn’t have been more evident! But the people in her life didn’t, and that’s just sad. Plain and simple. – Kyle

I am all the way in Athens Greece and I knew about Anna’s death via CNN before Rosie woke up! She needs to get her statements fresh because wow I can not believe she spoke about Anna on the View in the morning. She needs to be fired. – M

Am I the only one who sees that this golddigging whore-slut proves conclusively that marriage is what you make it– that it’s not gays who are a threat to the institution? – Hen

Shame on you, Michael. You posted at 11:29 am, Thursday,February 08/07 (and I quote): “They should just drop Vicodin pills on the ground leading Anna to a test lab. Dumbass would fall for it! And I’m sick of seeing her doped up ass on “The Insider”! If they are going to insist on interviewing her about everything, they should at least use captions. I can hardly understand what her slurred-ass is saying!” How can you slam Rosie for saying the same thing you’d already said? I read the news on DListed regularly, and I’m generally amused by your remarks, and glad to see you’re not usually as mean-spirited as some others, but I am not impressed by your taking advantage of Rosie’s unfortunate remark. As you said -“How was she to know?” – Ada

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