Kim Kardashian is Into Water Sports!

January 17, 2007 / Posted by:

Kim Kardashian has denied away that a sex tape featuring herself and Whitney Houston’s new lover, Ray-J, exists. TMZ is confirming that the tape is real and currently being shopped around. Apparently, the tape features several sexual acts including water sports. No, I’m not talking about water polo…I’m talking about a ho straight-up being pissed on!

SugarDVD has offered Kim $2 million for rights of the tape and to be their spokesperson. SugarDVD believes that the reason why a deal hasn’t been reached is due to Paris Hilton advising Kim not to sell the tape. Jealous much?

First a Screech dirty sanchez and now a Kardashian lemonade bath? What’s next? Seriously, you know Kim has a major cheese booty and sucks at sucking dick! I am curious to see what Ray-J is working with. I’m guessing it’s long, but skinny. Pencil dick.



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