The Pauly Shore Video is a Fake

December 12, 2006 / Posted by:

The video of Pauly Shore getting punched out by a heckler in Odessa, TX is a big fake according to the man who punched the comedian. This video was taken at a comedy club and showed Pauly and a man getting into it with the man coming onstage and attacking Pauly.

TMZ has learned that an Odessa,TX policeman was asked by Pauly to participate in the stunt and that nobody was injured. The stunt started when the man’s girlfriend was shouting and Pauly and he told her to shut the up and blah blah blah.

Pauly’s reps would not comment on the incident.

That’s pretty sad. Does he need press that bad that he would actually make something up. Yeah, don’t answer that. He’s probably kicking hiss Z-listed ass for not coming up with that whole Michael Richards thing.


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