Crackheads Gets Cut Up A Lot

November 17, 2006 / Posted by:

Lindsay Lohan debuted some wrist scars while out in London. Lindsay has been wearing several bandages around her wrist in the past weeks and has since removed them revealing the cuts. Some people feel that she may be a “cutter.”

Her rep denies this and says that she cut herself when falling into some bushes. When is this ho around bushes? The only bush she’s around is…well you know where I’m going with this.

Anyway, the usually homebody Lohan partied hard last night in London. At the Donna Karan perfume launch party she even changed clothes twice. Apparently, Lindsay didn’t wear underwear and sources say there are more photos of her showing that tired bagina of hers. Ugh, she’s so transparent.

Trust me, this girl is not a cutter. She just wants attention. She got coked up and fell in some “bushes” like her rep said. End of story.


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