Heather Mills Jumps Around Like a Gazelle

October 25, 2006 / Posted by:

Kate Moss is the latest bitch to accuse Heather Mills of being a one-legged liar. Heather is suing two tabloids for publishing stories she calls false and damaging.

Heather reportedly claimed that Paul McCartney refused to let her have a bedpan near their bed, so she had to crawl to the toiler in the middle of the night. Kate Moss calls this bullshit.

A source close to Kate said, “Kate reassured Stella (McCartney) that she knew Heather was a liar because she had seen her hopping around. She said she was ‘jumping around like a fucking gazelle’ and is prepared to swear to it, in court if necessary.”

Like a gazelle! Jesus, I love Kate Moss. Kate has been telling everyone what a damn liar Heather is.




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